Return Policy

Unfortunately, due to food safety considerations and our position as a small business, we are not able to accept returns or give refunds for non-defective products like the big billion-dollar companies can. We're always happy to listen to feedback as to what you didn't like about the product so we can continue making improvements, so please let us know what didn't work for you! We have a patch notes system so that we can make constant improvements and upgrades according to your thoughts, so we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Please let us know through our support email at within 30 days of delivery if you've received a defective product for a refund or replacement.


When will my order ship?

Shipping times vary, and we do a made to order system! Orders first will make their way through our Made To Order Batch Process (more info here 

International orders are picked up once a week for consolidation shipping, where it first makes its way to a large consolidated port of entry, and may take 2-3 weeks from the “label created” phase to actual shipping due to the customs process involved. Once the package has left our hands, we are not able to change its course.


Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we have recently opened up to international shipping, though we may not necessarily be able to ship to all countries worldwide dependent on many circumstances outside of our control. Please verify your address at checkout to see if we are able to ship to your location.


Why does my shipping cost $X?

The reality of shipping is that shipping companies give us a cost, and that’s what shows up on our website; we don’t make a single dollar off of it. We unfortunately have no control over it, and being a small business, we have no negotiating power in asking them to lower it.

We’re constantly looking for better solutions, and do our best to help make shipping easier however we can: we offer free rewards for returning customers, and due to how dimensional weight works, the cost of shipping more packets is only a couple dollars more than a basic 9 pack! If you're a fan of our ramen, ordering more at once is the most cost effective shipping rate!

International orders please note that the price shown covers ALL country entry fees, including duties, shipping, customs, and other fees. We do not set these fees and do not receive any of them, as a third party handles all of this for us, and customs and duty fees are set by the respective governments. We understand these prices are steep, but as of now, this is our only way as a small business to legally ship our product through international borders.